Host: Flamingo Duo

Location: www.facebook.com/flamingoduorbp

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This is for fizzing at home only, we will not be revealing these rings live. We will ship a solid fizz bomb (with a mystery original ring bomb inside) directly to you!

This is a great GIFT IDEA!

How to reveal your ring:

Place your fizz bomb in hot water and watch it fizz! Be careful not to overflow your water or burn yourself with your water. Please use tongs to retrieve your ring!

Open the foil and reveal your ring!

**By purchasing a Home Fizz, you understand that these are NOT bath bombs and should not come in contact with your body (like a bath bomb). They do not contain any oils or fragrance and are not intended to be used on your body.

How To Shop: 

Simply pick the party Home Fizz CLICK BELOW (Original Ring Bomb), select your ring size and check out. 

Pick Your Ring Size: We offer sizes 6-10. 

Price: Rings are only $17.95 each with $5.99 shipping in the USA no matter how many you purchase in the same order. So make sure you grab a few so you can save on shipping!! 

Shipping Policy: Shipping is $5.99/order. Order as many rings as you want in a single order for that flat rate! If you are local to Venice, FL and would like porch pickup, please message us for a free shipping promo code. We cannot credit shipping once you have checked out. We ship within 1-3 business days! Usually next day (We are fast!)

Each Original Ring Bomb contains a CUSTOM RING WITH A SRV $25-$500!!!


Sizes adjustable 3-5 $14.95 + $5.99 Shipping. No suggested retail value, these are just for fun!

**We do not accept any returns. If your ring is damaged, please contact us within 14 days to get a mystery replacement bomb! We include tracking in all shipments. If you need your tracking number, please email us at: flamingoduorbp@gmail.com We are unable to replace missing packages once they are marked "delivered" by USPS. 

Katie & Teresa